Notes on Political Venality, Pomposity and Associated Stupidity.

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Bush Gets the First Bird Flu Innoculation

It was a shot in the arm for the struggling, bumbling Bush administration when the President came out in favor of spending billions to save us from the coming pandemic. The spending spree (where the hell does all this money come from anyway?) is, in reality, nothing more than a personal innoculation of Mr. Bush, who, at this moment, needs much more than a prick in his deltoid to recover his footing. Whatever else Mr. Rove may be up to at this moment, he is clearly still the training wheels on Mr. Bush's bike of state.

We can imagine the conversation.

BUSH: "Listen, what the hell else can go wrong? I wanna know. 'Bout tornados? Earthquakes? Locusts?"
ROVE: "Bird flu."
BUSH: "What the hell is that?"
ROVE: "You don't have to know that. I'll take care of it."
BUSH: "Good. That's what I have you here for."
ROVE: "Just be ready to read a speech on TV tomorrow."
BUSH: "Damn you, turdbrain, ya mean I gotta read again?"
ROVE: "Don't worry. It'll be on the prompter...and we'll use really short, easy words...."

All Rove wants is deniability when the feathers fly and the nation begins to develop a killer case of the flu. I call it the "Ghostbuster's" defense. To quote Bill Murray's character, Peter Venkman, speaking to the Mayor of New York;

"If we're right, and we stop this thing, you, Lenny, will have saved the lives of millions of....eligible voters!"