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Saturday, October 29, 2005

We Finally Learn What the "I" Means

Scooter to me is Phil Rizzuto, not this White House hack. I want that on the record right away. But despite an apparent desire to hide his ethnicity by changing his name from Irv to I "Scooter" (this will let me pass at the country club won't it?) we just figured out that the Capitol I really stands instead for Indictment! Glad we cleared that up.

Louis Libby is an integral part of the Bush White House war machine, he just happens to be one of the parts that got mangled in the machinery of America first. It's at moment's like this that we remember; The system does work...mostly. The prediction her is that Irv's indictment won't be the last. Depending on how Fitzpatrick finagles the next stage of this case, Irv could certainly cut his losses by ratting out his brethren. During the trial phase, we could hear some very interesting testimony. Should be fun. It will be the next season's highest rated reality show by far.

Fitzpatick's presentation of the "facts of the case," as well as the press conference which followed, was a breath of fresh air. Unlike the studied obfuscation that we normally hear emanating from inside the Beltway, we got facts, reason, logic and a real dose of humanity. Mr. Fitzpatrick stood on his feet for two hours and handled ever press query with intelligence and aplomb. He was never rattled. He never sneered. Compare that to any press adventure our dear President has held.