Notes on Political Venality, Pomposity and Associated Stupidity.

Monday, September 12, 2005

Mr. President, The Time Has Come

Like the aged wood in the shotgun shacks of New Orleans, I have been absorbing much and saying little over the past few days. But now, it is time to have a go at it.

When Dubya was running for President, much was made of him being a corporate sort, the kinda guy who "would run the Government like a lean-mean corporation." Ya know what? He is! Bush hired and promoted just like a corporate CEO, who puts his golfing buddies and yes-men on the payroll, aware that they'd always be beholden to him and never challenge his authority. The difference, of course, is clear; if you work for Blitso Corporation and you're a complete moron, nobody gets hurt. Maybe your stupidity effects the bottom line a bit and leads to some layoffs, but nobody (usually) dies. Not so when you're the head of a major federal organization like FEMA.

Mr. Brown's "decision" to step down is welcomed. Next, we must ask for the same from Mr. Bush, who hired him in the first place and who has stocked the Federal government with many similar know-nothing appointees.

The time has come, Mr. President, for a reckoning. The time has come for the citizens of this remarkable nation to be given back their diginity. The time has come, Mr. President, for you to leave and let a more qualified, a more truthful, a more ethical, a more intelligent, a more worthy man, or woman, take your place, and bring America back.

The time has come.