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Friday, September 02, 2005

The President Should Resign

I know, that's pretty strong language coming from an anonymous blogger, but I don't say it lightly or mean it humorously.

George Bush, long an embarrasment worldwide, has, over the past week, proven his complete inability to govern this great, proud nation. His carefully staged-managed, homespun persona won't protect him, now that the red states have seen what his polities and actions really mean. I have to think that many of those fine Christian people in the delta are reconsidering just how important a ten commandments plaque is in the courthouse and that maybe, just maybe, some government spending on critical infrastructure would have been a better idea.

But back to Bush. I just heard his little homily live from the NOLA airport. It was as pathetic a speech as I have every heard. He continually referred to the effected zone as "this part of the world," as if he were in Nepal, not New Orleans. He showed no real human concern, no depth of understanding for the citizens he presumably governs. It was, as he is, an embarrasment. Funny thing was, just as he was summing up, the speech came into focus, with a load of trite meandering about how "this great city" and "this great state" will rebuild. You know, boilerplate garbage. My guess is that he gave the rambling start off-the-cuff, then turned to a page that had been dashed off by Rove, et al. Did I mention the whole thing was an embarrasment.

So here's the deal. GWB should go back to DC, pack his golf clubs and bike, take the wife and kids, ascend the stairs of Marine One, turn to us with both hands displaying the V for victory sign, and leave Washington forever. If he isn't willing to do this on his own, we should help him on his way. The word is impeachment.