Notes on Political Venality, Pomposity and Associated Stupidity.

Friday, September 02, 2005

"No one imagined the levees would break"

I am so angry about the Katrina disaster that I want to start a new blog every five minutes. Each time I turn on the TV or jump to another website I find things that enrage me. Right now, my mind is swimming with the quote from Clueless George that "no one imagined the levees would break."

First off, it's a complete and utter lie. But that doesn't stop this government. They realize the attention span of most voters is short. Better to lie now and look for political cover sometime later. And never admit fault.

But this isn't just a failure of George Bush, it must be laid at the feet of all the Republicans who believe we can cut budgets and not pay the price. Who believe they can confuse and befuddle people with talk of the ten commandments and prayer in school while they vote down money that would save lives. How about these commandments? Thou shalt not lie, deceive, dissemble. Thou shalt not kill. Because, as sure as the water flows in NOLA, these politicians are responsible, directly for the deaths of many people in this fine old city.

Addendum: As proof that "we never learn," one only has to turn to the infamous Johnstown Flood. That Pennsylvania city was the site of a massive disaster which was caused by the failure of the rich folks up in the mountains to take care of an earthen damn, despite clear evidence that it would likely fail. Sound familiar?