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Thursday, September 15, 2005

Judge Roberts: Inscrutable and Scary

The televised visage of SCOTUS nominee Roberts is that of a man unperturbed. He doesn't lose his cool, he doesn't break a sweat. Of course, at the same time, he doesn't tell us anything. He projects the image of a man so enamored of the "rule the law," and his own judicial neutrality, that any question about his personal views or opinions are met with near indignation by the man, as if being human wasn't something he's ever thought about. And while I personally want a Justice who will weigh the issues carefully and not lean on his own preconceived notions, I do not believe Roberts is that man.

The nominee makes much of that fact that many of his former writings were developed for his clients, and are, therefore, not indicative of his own beliefs. If so, we have much more to fear. The problem is this; Roberts is essentially being "hired" by the Bush administration and its Right Wing backers and Roberts knows it. Everyone knows it. In the future, he'll do just what he's done in the past, which is to adjust his writings and opinions to please his employers. Despite anything he has said during the hearings, he will use this position of massive importance to further press the screwball Right Wing ideology.

Those of us in the "liberal blogosphere" know one thing for certain; if Bush and his buds want this guy so badly, then we don't, because under that Sphinx-like exterior there is a hungry rattlesnake curled up and waiting to strike.