Notes on Political Venality, Pomposity and Associated Stupidity.

Thursday, October 27, 2005

Miers Retires Before She Starts

The strange tale of Harriet Miers is over for now. More will come out, eventually, as it always does. But right now, at this moment, we can bid her a fond farewell.

What was her nomination all about? My guess, and it is truly that, is that Rove and Cheney, both of whom are facing a serious legal imbrolgio, decided to let Little Boy Bush "have his way" for once....just to teach him a lesson. They both know their time is short in this administration, so why not? Karl and Dick won't be ruined of course, because no one ever is in U. S. politics. Besides, what does it matter? They're both wealthy, overstuffed white men who could move right back into the corporate comfy chair the day after they leave the White House.

The real fight begins now. To please The Wrong Reverend Dobson and his clones, Bush will have to find a legal scholar who has the Ten Commandments tatooed on his or her chest and who has studied the Bible with more fervor than they have the Constitution. We can expect a whack job fundie sort and expect it the "acceptable names" have been on the table ever since (and way before) Bush made his latest attempt to institutionalize croynism.