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Saturday, November 05, 2005

The Shock And Awe Shucks Comedy Tour!

For Immediate Release
From Piltdown Man

In an apparent attempt at raising his ratings, particularly when compared with those of Jon Stewart, the President of the United States today began a nationwide comedy tour titled "Shock and Awe Shucks."

Hailed as an innovative way for the President to rebuild his flagging popularity, Bush will take his show on the road to over 40 cities. The Prez, as he likes to be called when on stage, started his set in New York City to thunderous applause.

"I told Dick and the rest of 'em, y'all oughta git r done at Miss Ellie's Ethic's School.....'cause we got a lot of ethics in this country right now! They're coming in over the boarders faster than goose poop down a chute!"

"I mean, this country was founded on ethics. The founders had ethics. Fact is, ole Tom Jefferson had himself two or three ethics he 'specially liked. Even had hisself a little ethic baby." We don't want to use all his best material, but GWBs take on his office is just to rare to spare! "Ya'll know why they call it the oval office don'tcha? "Cause I can't spell elliptical! Seriously though, it's that shape so that all you NASCAR fans will feel right at home!"

Tickets are on sale now! Call the White House and tell 'em you wanna "Laugh your ass off with The Prez!" Who knew the leader of the free world could be this funny?