Notes on Political Venality, Pomposity and Associated Stupidity.

Tuesday, January 04, 2005

"Rush Limbaugh, Matinee Idol"

Let's take a well-desered day off from earthshattering events.

Today we look high above the roadside and into the great big owl eyes of Rush Limbaugh. (my most sincere apoligies to Fitzgerald) This is a sight I see each day driving home. A billboard for Rush, hawking his daily radio screed. But the funny part (see, I said it wouldn't be too serious!) is that, if it weren't for the huge type that says RUSH LIMBAUGH, you would NEVER know who the handsome devil on the billboard is. I kid you not. The image is sort of a composite of John Wayne and Arnold Schwarzenegger. It's the image of a virile, strong-chinned, high-cheekboned movie star. It ain't Rush, the slack-jawed, drug-addled raver. (see above. The guy on the left is an airbrushed imposter. The guy on the right is the real deal!) So that's the big laugh for the day! Rush as drastically altered matinee idol. It's damn shame he's become one of those crazy Hollywood types. Oop! Damn. I said politics weren't allowed today. Well, I'm just not the virile cowboy Rush is....