Notes on Political Venality, Pomposity and Associated Stupidity.

Tuesday, December 14, 2004

"The Kerik and The Stick"

The GOP admin has done another great job of spin. I actually admire them for this. If there were awards for this...oh, wait, there are; they're called elections! But I drift off point.

A huge proportion of American's outside of NYC will remember one thing about Bernie Kerik, if they remember anything at all; he was the guy who got skunked by his she-nannygans. Red-faced over a green card. That is all they will remember, because the spin machine shouted that out loud and clear and the clarion call was picked up and repeated ad naseum. I can hear the conversations that result from this.

"That guy Kerik would have made a kick-ass head of Homeland Security, ya know? But the damn liberals dug up this stuff about his nanny. Hell, she oughta be thrown outta the damn country, but instead, this tough, hard-nosed cop loses his job."

It is abundantly clear that, after having first said "Good morning, Mr. Kerik," the very next words out of any investigators mouth would be; "Tell me about your nanny and your housekeeper and your lawn boy and the rest of your "help." Because if there is any trouble there, going forward would be moot. So clearly Bernie didn't lose his job over the nanny, but because of the dozen or so other dark clouds of suspicion that tenaciously hover above his sparkling pate. And here's my guess; there are far worse things which no one knows about...outside of the White House.

So let's get back to the spin, which, we all know, is actually just a euphemism for lying. The Bush administration, which can hardly speak a sentence without invoking God or Jesus or prayer, has once again lied outright in "spinning" this story. If you are a committed Christian who supports the Prez, you just have to explain why that's okay....?

In the meantime, it's nice to know that Bernie Kerik has found out what it's like to be on the receiving end of a stun gun.