Notes on Political Venality, Pomposity and Associated Stupidity.

Friday, June 18, 2004

"The Disconnected Middle American"

I recently returned from a short trip deep into the heart of America. I was in a position to hear people talk about their hopes and fears -- and their general philosphy about life, politics, religion and family.

By and large the people I met were smart and moral. Many of them still believe that life is best anchored by strong family ties, faith and community. What they don't realize, however, is how these beliefs are used every day to manipulate them.

They are, almost to a man, unaware of how completely they've been bamboozled by the Republican Party and its far right wing idealogues. Having never actually dealt with a candidate or elected politician, they have no clue that they are ALL users, and they will ALL say whatever it takes to get elected and then stay in office. In Kansas and Nebraska and elsewhere, they means preaching to the choir...

...more to come....