Notes on Political Venality, Pomposity and Associated Stupidity.

Monday, October 27, 2003

I hate stupid people. I realize that most of them can't help themselves. They were born that way. But it does not relieve me from the dreary and often painful and occasionally infuriating necessity of dealing with them and their stupidity. Tonight I had a run-in with the son of the man who used to live next door. He and his brother have had the dead parent's house on the market "by owner" for over a year at an inflated price that they are never going to get. Anyway, one brother had said we could park in the driveway if we needed to. Well, over the last year, we've parked there maybe 10 times, generally when there were no spots on the street. We figured the dead parents didn't mind. Though who knows. So, we come out of the house to go out to dinner and the older brother has his car parked blocking our egress from the driveway, and is obviously pissed that my wife, who has a broken foot and who came home upset from the Doctor's office dared park on their precious slab of concrete. Suffice to say that I lost it with this stupid shit. Moral? The gene pool is increasingly being diluted. The stupid people will out. Hell, we have a President who is the King of the Stupid People. I can't die quickly enough.