Notes on Political Venality, Pomposity and Associated Stupidity.

Monday, December 20, 2004

"Liner Notes on the Nation"

Some short, timely takes...

> Angst must be very high at the major US airlines these days, trying to decide if they should please their high-priced corporate customers by allowing them to blather inanities on their cell phones....or please the rest of us by making cell phones verboten. I think the solution is simple; allow cell phone usage in First Class only, thereby punishing the same people who are so desperate to annoy those left behind in the office...or in Coach.

> Isn't it odd that most of these "woman steals fetus" stories don't originate in Detroit or NYC or Boston, but out there in the "heartland of the homeland?" Of course for many, the good news is, she only killed the mother, she didn't abort the fetus...which has to really please a lot of those "Values Voters!" And you think I'm kidding....

> How is it possible that nearly every recount of election votes in this nation comes up with a different number than the original tally? Shouldn't that scare the crap out of us? I used to think the "voter early and often" days were a thing of the past. Silly, naive me.

> New education studies continue to embarras those of us who "love our freedoms" here in the good ole U S of A. If the servers at most American coffee shops are any indication, we'll soon be out-scored by the children of (fill-in your favorite third-world nation here) How is it possible that these young people can't keep more than one thing in their heads at a time? Ask for a small coffee and a piece of marble loaf and get in return....? "That was a coffee and a wah??" As Bing Crosby said famously in "White Christmas;" "Go to Smith? She can't spell it!"