Notes on Political Venality, Pomposity and Associated Stupidity.

Friday, February 24, 2006

The Bush Disaster Disaster

Exactly how large a disaster does this administration need before it actually gets its act together? In the aftermath of Katrina, we now have various reports reiterating the insanity, stupidity and incompetence which swamped the response to the hurricane and its aftermath. Ditto, 9/11. Ditto, Iraq.

My question is this; will we even be around to have commissions and inquiries after a nuke blows away half of some state or city? Boy, that'll be helpful as hell!

The GOP, whose adherents pride themselves on being self-reliant and anything but "new age," seem to fall back on the hippie-dippie PC protocol "let's not play the blame game" after each meltdown. But you know what? I want some freakin' blame laid. I want to know who was at fault. I want to know who screwed up, and why. And I want heads to roll! Why? Because the people in charge need to be afraid for their jobs and their careers. They need to understand that "re-evaluating their response" after-the-fact won't be enough next time.

Is working in fear a good motivator? Maybe. Maybe not. But here's the thing; if these people do their jobs and do them well, they won't have to be in fear.