Notes on Political Venality, Pomposity and Associated Stupidity.

Thursday, January 26, 2006

Filibuster....or Bust!

John Kerry, who figures he has nothing to lose and everything to gain, has chosen to be the point person when it comes to a possible filibuster of the Alito nomination. It's probably too late for John, but we are glad he's managed to get some balls. We only wish the rest of the lackluster Democratic Party would do the same.

If Alito ascends to the highest court, we might as well kiss goodbye to over 40 years of forward social and economic movement and get ready to live by Cotton Mather's dictums, 'cause we're headin' back to the dark ages. The Democrat's in Congress know this...but seem unwilling to do anything about it. Why? Becuase, it seems, they are not unlike their GOP brethen in one regard; they'll do anything they can to get re-elected, even if it means betraying the core values they are supposed to stand for, and for which we elected them.

For a long time I've given the Dems the benefit of the doubt, but those days are over. Time to stand up guys and gals and show the nation what you're made of. Otherwise, we'll all start looking elsewhere come election day....