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Sunday, December 18, 2005

Bush's America; The Wheels Have Come Off

George Bush has the same problem that any liar does; eventually it all catches up with you and Dad knocks on your bedroom door, demanding an explanation.

Our benighted President wants us to believe that his authorization of secret spying is okay, because the "terrorists" are breathing down our necks and will stop at nothing to kill fine, peace-loving Americans. The problem is, if you follow his twisted logic, the "war on terror" will never be over, and, by extension, the spying on citizens without a court order will never end, either. Essentially this means that George W. Bush has, in one very foul swoop, forever changed the laws of this great land. It's law by fiat, which equals a dictatorship...not a democracy. Maybe that's the idea he has for Iraq.

Other than the clear legal issues concerning the NSA's domestic spying is the fact that, it could be easily handled differently; but that never occurs to the Bush clan. If, for instance, a tip led law enforcement officials to think they needed and "instant wiretip," (something I can imagine) I'd be glad to let them go ahead, as long as they'd come back to the court later to obtain the needed warrant. If the court decided the evidence did not support a warrant, then they could say that any evidence unearthed was "fruit of the poisonous tree" and would not be admissable in court. Simple.

But, like I said, the Bushies see the world differently. Very differently.