Notes on Political Venality, Pomposity and Associated Stupidity.

Friday, June 10, 2005

The N Word

No. I don't mean the disparging racist term used to refer to African-Americans. I mean the word that refers to another group of unlamentable racists, the National Socialists. You know them better as Nazis.

Increasingly you hear the term used to refer to the current administration of George Bush. Whether this is fair or even remotely applicable I won't argue here (at this moment) What I feel we need to consider, however, is the fact that many people are doing just that. They are looking in dispair at the Bush Presidency and perceiving the gradual creep of facism which defined the NS in Germany.

These people fear that all those "little things," which have robbed them of liberties they once thought were sacrosanct (and which, generally, whizzed through Congress) -- and the larger issues (like Guantanamo Bay) have a very nasty antecedant.

They remember asking themselves years ago; "Why didn't people stop the Nazis before it got out of control? Couldn't they see what what happening?" Today, they are asking themselves the same questions. And they are looking out across the grand sweep of this nation and wondering; is it happening again?