Notes on Political Venality, Pomposity and Associated Stupidity.

Wednesday, April 27, 2005

The Dubya Midterm Innoculation

Gas prices are spiking. In fact, crude oil prices are beyond what many people could have imagined a year ago. And while "peak oil" is still a fantasy to most people, the sticker shock they're getting at the gas pump is creating a wee bit of angst. It's no fantasy. That guzzler in the garage is sucking them dry.

So GWB, with the midterm election campaigns just a few months away has decided it's time to start talking about "inergy." He's suddenly and miraculously in favor of conservation, of fuel efficient vehicles and nukuler enery. And he thinks that building new refineries is just swell, particularly if they can be rammed through, avoiding the pesky approval process that is just so darn troublesome for large multinational corporations.

It's all a sham, of course. Dubya simply wants to be able to say, "I have a plan to help wean us off the Persion oil teat! I offered up a progressive plan to help the average Amurican! I am a good 'ole boy!"

Boy oh boy, is he ever.