Notes on Political Venality, Pomposity and Associated Stupidity.

Monday, March 21, 2005

Bush's Persistent Vegetative State

Let's remember the morning of 9/11, when Bush was too fearful to return to DC, when he flew willy-nilly around the nation looking for a rock to hide under; all this at the very moment he should have (like a great leader would have) returned to DC to guide and calm the nation.

Now let's look at this past weekend, when he rushes back to DC to sign one of the most specious bits of congressional vomitus that has ever landed in the Oval Office. Amazing how the Prez is so quick to cut short his latest brush-clearing adventure and join in the sad Terri Shaivo circus. How quick he is to fuel up Air Force One and fly through the night...just to gain what he and his camp followers believe is a political advantage.

And not that we needed to be told this, but the Washington Post unocovered a memo to GOP pols telling them what a great political opportunity this could be for them with their base of looney Christian pathetiques.

The "end times" are certainly here folks. The end of honor, integrity and honesty. The only question that remains is, when we get sucked up in God's Glorious Hoover, will Bush and his buds get stuck in the HEPA filter?