Notes on Political Venality, Pomposity and Associated Stupidity.

Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Political Tidbits; Not Tasty, But At Least They're Fresh!

It was almost like the glory days of the 1960's again recently, when neo-nutball Rick Santorum got a firm thrashing on his whirlwind tour of PA colleges and university campuses. Out doing the heavy lifting for Bush, et al, Santorum discovered that not all college kids are wearing rep ties and joining the Young Republicans. Every step of the way, Ricky was hammered with questions about how the specious privitization of the Social Security system was supposed to work...and how it could possibly "save the system." Clearly, he had to him and haw, since there is no rational answer to the question. The funniest (and most typically Santorumesque) of the reports was that Rick had commented snidely about how he'd been dogged by a well-prepared and well-planned series of protests. I guess, unlike the titanium enclosed Prez, Rick discovered that protest is alive and well.

GannonGuckertGate. This is clearly one of those issues that should be taking the pegs out from under the administration...but isn't yet. It's one of those "Can you image if Clinton had done this?" issues....and the Democrats had better frame it that way, or it will surely lose steam. I'd like to see an independent group do a TV spot or a series of full-page newspaper ads, questioning how a person who is essentially a fraud could have access to the White House and the President for all that time.