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Tuesday, March 15, 2005

No Statute of Limitations in His Court

A judge in Pennsylvania upheld that state's statute of limitations law as it regards cases of molestation by Catholic priests. Specifically, the state court said that the statute (2 years) does apply in the cases before the court and that the plaintiffs lawsuits against The Church were therefore moot. There will apparently be appeals.

But here is what I simply can not understand;

How does any priest or other religious member of the Catholic Church reconcile using legal manuveurs such as this to fend off what mostly likely are substantiated claims of horrific abuse by "their own?" Wouldn't it be a sin for anyone NOT to admit to the charges? And wouldn't it further be a sin for anyone else (other than the accused) to act as a facilitator? By gaming the courts aren't these "men of the cloth" simply taking a crime and lying about it? Aren't these supposed to be the people who fight for truth and honesty? And who should come forth, admit the truth and attempt to do all they can to help the abused? At least that's what I was taught, having been raised a Catholic.

But the sad part is that the Catholic Church is today, and has been for way too long, more concerned about its wealth and influence. This is not a church of humble men, it is a church of politics and power. Somehow I don't think that was really what Christ had in mind...

So, WWJD? He'd plead guilty and led the chips fall where they may. Because, if I recall correctly, there is no statute of limitations in His court.