Notes on Political Venality, Pomposity and Associated Stupidity.

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Brain Dead for Decades. Please Don't Remove Bush's Feeding Tube!

I am worried that someday someone will remove the feeding tube that keeps the Bush administration upright. I really am. It would be such a shame. Oh, unlike most, which funnel nourishment and fluids to a bankrupt body, this tube is full or money...and it flows like liquid gold. A corporate class of rich white men has essentially taken hold of the United States by the short hairs, and they are unlikely to let go. They found their way to Washington by stopping along K Street and then proceeding down to Pennsylvania Avenue with a bucket brigade of greenbacks. Money ruins everything. Just ask all those lottery winners who have their lives turned upside down after they strike it rich. The streets are littered with their whimpering remains. Money ruins everything. Just look at that nice guy you used to know who got the big promotion and now hangs with the other rich guys discussing the relative merits of Scottish links courses versus the lush country club greens of America. Heady stuff, that. Money ruins everything. Just ask the poor single-mother.... Oh, wait. Don't ask her. She's not getting on the gravy train. It doesn't stop in her part of town. The Millionaire Express only has stations in the suburbs, where the newly minted count their sheckles in the relative safety of a pathetically-named gated community. Money ruins everything. It has ruined our goverment and our media. Driven by the need to please Wall Street, the major media no longer do news, but just a vacuous shadow of what it once was. They don't dare take on the corporations or the government, because, in reality, both are the same. There is no mystery here. Anyone with a brain has seen this coming since the 1970s, when TV networks began to use local TV news as their template, instead of the other way around. So please don't pull the tube on George and his buddies. It would be cruel and inhuman. It would choke off a supply of money that needs to flow, that needs to keep this great nation free and that needs to stay out of the hands of the poor and unfortunate. Hell, they would'nt know what to do with it anyway...