Notes on Political Venality, Pomposity and Associated Stupidity.

Thursday, May 26, 2005

Electing a War President

Today I heard a clip of our fearless leader on the radio. I actually listened this time. (I was in traffic and couldn't quickly change the station) What I heard couldn't have made more sense.

Yes. I was listening to GWB. What he said was (paraphrasing now, 'cause I'm too lazy to search for the exact words) that the Palestinian people would certainly not vote to elect a president who would lead them into war. They would be too smart to do that. They would not want a "war president."

Of course you know where I'm going. If our Pres thinks the Palestinians don't want a war president, what makes him think we do? Perhaps it's because he knows that, as long as our wars are played out on brutal battlefields halfway around the world, they can be used as potent political weapons, without much fear that the great "American public" will get too concerned. After all, there's a new mall going up just down the street and Johnny needs a new pair of shoes...

It's clear that once the "cold war" was won, American political leaders needed a new war, and they got it (or welcomed it or created it, depending on who you believe) with the "war on terror." This is a war that will never end. And as far a Bushco is concerned, that's just perfect. Societies constantly exposed to low levels of wartime propaganda are controlled by the people who push that crap, the same way that junkies are under the thumb of dealers.

Bush loves war. Cheney loves war. Rumsfeld loves war. Rices loves war. Without it, they'd already be footnotes in history.