Notes on Political Venality, Pomposity and Associated Stupidity.

Friday, September 19, 2008

It's the economy?  No, it's the politicians, stupid!

The near disastrous meltdown of the world's financial markets isn't just "one of those things
that happens."  It was and is the inevitable end result of the Reagan-inspired decision to "deregulate,
deregulate, deregulate, baby!"  Of course, using the world "inspired" and Reagan in the same
sentence can create some cognitive dissonance, but so be it.

Reagan was a populous boob who wanted to feather his nest, be liked and make sure that the
elite, moneyed-class of America got what they assumed (and have always assumed) was their due.
It boiled down to "the rich get richer."

Lots of subsequent pols took the baton and ran with it.  They built entire campaigns and careers on
the idea that government is, by and large, bad and stupid.  That the government is the root of all evil
and should be constrained at every turn.  Now, just pause for a moment and look out across the great
caverns of lower Manhattan, the bastion of the American financial system...and ask yourself this;  if
the "private sector" is so darned good at things...why are we facing (and it ain't over yet...) the 
potential collapse of the worlds economic system? This isn't some fantasy financial game you play on
your computer, kids, this is the real thing! And what's really real about it is just how culpable the
neocon GOP political philosophy and all its adherents are.

They are the problem.  Not the greedy pigs on Wall Street.  There has always been greed and always
will be.  It is a basic human condition, exhibited across the centuries.  But what is supposed to make
us different in the year 2008 is our ability to diminish the effects of such things.  Yet we can't and we
didn't, because the Republicans want unfettered markets which will "self-correct," except, like now,
when they won't.

They don't want government interference, except now, when their portfolios are nosing diving into the
deep end of the pool like Joseph Cotton with a bullet in his back.
Come November, I think, instead of McCain, it will be Barack Obama who will be ready for his close up.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Hey there, Hi there, Ho there, We're as happy as can be....
So kids, Obama's solid support, and not the ludicrous "Palin Bounce" seems to be ruling the day.
New poll numbers show Obama's strength in several key states and show that Palin was, probably,
nothing more than a media-inspired poll quirk.
Or was it Wall Street...and the nation's flagging retirement funds which got the attention of the
seemingly fickle American public?  Were they finally able to put 2 and 2 together and add up what has
been happening to them?  Maybe.  The wild swings on the trading floors of lower Manhattan are difficult
to parse for anyone who doesn't spend their days with a Bloomberg ticker within arms length...but when
your 401k tanks and your house loses half it's value...well, that may be a wake-up call.
Democrats across the board are breathing a bit easier, but this is far from over.
Obama, I have noticed, has taken the advice of many Progressives and has sharpened his tone a bit.
He is more willing to go for the jugular...and that is a good thing.  The beauty for him is this;  he can
say things that are more pointed and acidic...but his verbal tone remains one of reason and temperance.
McCain, on the other hand, sounds like a whiny warmonger when he gets his hackles up....just like the
man who hopes to emulate, George W. Bush.