Notes on Political Venality, Pomposity and Associated Stupidity.

Monday, April 16, 2007

Edwards and Blacksburg

Got an email tonight from the Edwards campaign.

From where I sit, he might as well have slipped on a helmet and gone off to drive a tank. His race for President, if it didn't end on "60 Minutes," is surely over now.

The email was related to the VT shootings...and I found it deeply troubling. It included a snippet from a prayer of some sort. Not being the praying type, I skimmed it.

What is troubling is that John Edwards felt the need to spam me on a night like this. To attempt, and that's all it can be, to curry poltical favor out of a massive tragedy.

The funny thing is, I was an Edwards supporter from the get go. I liked the guy. Thought he was right-minded about a lot of issues.

But this is simply stupid. Prayer is a deeply personal thing. If John wanted to pray tonight, then bully. I wish you luck. I hope it works. But don't send me some smarmy missive. Keep it in your family. Or between you and your God. To fracture Dash Hammett, "It isn't the stuff emails are made of...."

There is wisdom in knowing when to shut the hell up...and Edwards, clearly doesn't have it.