Notes on Political Venality, Pomposity and Associated Stupidity.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

My Running Mate is Terror Make no mistake about it; that sound you heard this morning came from the collective lungs of all the GOP candidates running in every Congressional district around the nation. It came from the Senate and Gubernatorial candidates, too. I have not doubt that more than a few pumped their fists, ala Tiger Woods, when they realized that a major terrorist plot had been uncovered. Cruel, you say? Maybe. But you know it's the truth. The only issue these people think they can win on (and it's been a winner in the past) is security. The Administration knows better than anyone that fear is the greatest motivator of all -- and they will make sure that we live as an anxiety-ridden society, as long as it serves their needs. Get out of Iraq? Are you kidding me? Iraq is money in the bank. It keeps the terror cells stoked and brings more crazies to the party. While we underfund education in the US, we have spent billions building the world's best terror recruitment and training center. It's called Iraq. Like most Liberals, I find myself adding the seemingly necessary "terror caveat" whenever I have this discussion; "Of COURSE I'm for fighting terrorist! Of COURSE we need to be vigilant." This should go unsaid, but the Republicans won't let that happen. These "lovers of freedom" question OUR patriotism at every turn. The truth is that GWB is dancing in the Oval Office today. Like another of Osama's last-minute missives, this terror plot will give many citizens pause to vote for Democrats. I wonder if a few of them remember who was in charge during WWII?