Notes on Political Venality, Pomposity and Associated Stupidity.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Forget the Flag, Burn Congress!

The more I hear about a anti-flag burning amendment, the hotter I get!

I'm sure things are worse elsewhere, but perhaps only in the grand old United States of America can grown men and women waste valuable time and money debating the merits of a wholly worthless bit of legislation that is utterly and completely uneccessary.

Heard about anyone buring the flag in Tulsa recently? Or Des Moine? Or Rapid City? Hell no. Flag burning went out with bra burning (which I fully supported...) and, even if it were being torched to inflame the ire of Red Staters, it still wouldn't matter. But...whoa. You won't drag me into the specious debate that underlies this issue; because it is a non-issue. As I noted in an earlier piece, this is ONLY being done so that GOP candidates can return home and lambast the "Ted-Kennedy-limousine-liberals who believe that burning Old Glory is just fine." At least, that's how it'll sound in their TV and radio commercials.

No, I'm hot under the collar folks and you should be, too. Don't be fooled by this insane crock of faux patriotism, but do get out the extinguisher quell the hellfire coming from all the legislators who voted for this.